The IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) will be held in-person. To mitigate the risk of unattended presentations due to unexpected cancellations, and to accommodate authors who are unable to attend the conference physically, we require that each presentation be accompanied by a pre-recorded video and the accompanying slides. Authors must upload their video in MP4 format and slides in PDF format to the PaperPlaza portal before the November 26, 2023 deadline. Below, you will find the specifications and suggestions for your video submission.



The duration for Oral presentations should not exceed 12 minutes. Poster presentations should be limited to 3 minutes.


The maximum file size for video presentations is 100 MB.


Please adhere to an MP4 format for all video submissions. Maintain a video aspect ratio of 16:9.

To assist in creating your slides/poster, please refer to the presentation [guidelines], which include a downloadable template and comprehensive preparation instructions.

After creating your video presentation, please go to the "Video Presentation of Your Accepted Paper" section on PaperPlaza and upload your file. The online meeting link for virtually attending the conference will be shared later for those who are unable to attend the conference in person.


We suggest capturing your presentation through Zoom, where you can share your computer screen and use your computer's microphone to record your narration. Zoom is widely accessible across various platforms and is available in numerous countries.

For a step-by-step guide, please visit: Zoom Recording Instructions

For authors in China or those who cannot access Zoom, OBS is a reliable alternative for video recording, available at: OBS Software

Recording Tips

  • Choose a high-quality microphone and quiet location to enhance audio clarity. Test for audio quality to avoid reverberation or echoes, and adjust the recording levels to be clear and audible.
  • Record the entire screen to maintain the correct aspect ratio of your slides during playback.
  • Ensure your mouse cursor or laser pointer movements are captured to highlight key points during your presentation.
  • Position your camera so that the video inset of the presenter does not obstruct the slide content.
  • Keep a timer within view to manage your presentation duration effectively.
  • Use video compression tools such as Handbrake to ensure your final video file does not exceed the 100MB limit and is in the required MP4 format. This tool often reduces the size of videos without significant quality loss.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and hope this guidance helps you prepare your presentation effectively for the upcoming ICAR conference.