Paper ID Title Type
03 RCM-Constrained Manipulator Trajectory Tracking Using Differential Kinematics Control Oral
04 Acoustic Soft Tactile Skin: Towards Continuous Tactile Sensing Oral
05 GP-Net: Flexible Viewpoint Grasp Proposal Oral
06 A Simulation Based Approach to Designing a Bipedal Robot Poster
07 Uniform-Appearance People and Crowd Monitoring Using Drones Poster
08 EcBot: Data-Driven Energy Consumption Open-Source MATLAB Library for Manipulators Poster
10 Learning-Based Gain-Scheduling of Trajectory Tracking Controllers for Agricultural Mobile Manipulators under Off-Road Conditions Oral
11 Decentralized Multi-Agent Path Finding in Dynamic Warehouse Environments Oral
12 Utilizing a Phase State System for Reliable Physical Assistance in Human-Humanoid Robot Collaboration Oral
13 Benchmarking the Full-Order Model Optimization Based Imitation in the Humanoid Robot Reinforcement Learning Walk Poster
14 Fast and Accurate Tactile Object Recognition using a Random Convolutional Kernel Transform Oral
17 Vision-Based Analytics of Flare Stacks Using Deep Learning Detection Oral
18 SemSCo: Semantic Frequency Domain Scan Context for LiDAR-Based Place Recognition Oral
20 Learning Complicated Manipulation Skills Via Deterministic Policy with Limited Demonstrations Poster
23 Decentralized Multi-UAV Trajectory Task Allocation in Search and Rescue Applications Oral
24 Terrain Recognition and Contact Force Estimation through a Sensorized Paw for Legged Robots Oral
25 Bypassing the Simulation-To-Reality Gap: Online Reinforcement Learning Using a Supervisor Oral
26 Subgoal-Driven Navigation in Dynamic Environments Using Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning Oral
27 Like Robots, Like Humans: Pupil Dilation During Collaborative Object Manipulation Oral
29 Exploring Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robust Target Tracking Using Micro Aerial Vehicles Poster
30 Scalable and Efficient Hierarchical Visual Topological Mapping Oral
31 Autonomous Exploration and General Visual Inspection of Ship Ballast Water Tanks Using Aerial Robots Oral
32 How Does Experience Influence Usability Expectations in Human-Robot Interaction? Results of a Worker Evaluation in an Industrial Setting Oral
33 Exploring the Use of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Wound-Approaching Trajectories in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Oral
34 Collision-Free Volume Estimation Algorithm for Robot Motion Deformation Poster
35 Going Green with Lightweight Robots: Energy Optimal Programming of Lightweight Robots Poster
36 Feasibility Study of an Active Ball Joint Mechanism for a Wheelchair-Mounted 2-DOF Shoulder Exoskeleton Poster
38 UNav-Sim: A Visually Realistic Underwater Robotics Simulator and Synthetic Data-Generation Framework Oral
40 Design Optimization of a Soft Fluidic Micro-Robot for Medical Interventions Oral
41 An Approach for Dynamic Robot-Risk Assessment in Agile Manufacturing Process towards Industry 4.0 Poster
43 The Role of Time Delay in Sim2real Transfer of Reinforcement Learning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Poster
45 Capacitated Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Time Windows Using Location-Routing Task-Motion Planning Oral
46 Hybrid Stepping Motion Generation for Wheeled-Bipedal Robots without Roll Joints on Legs Oral
47 Variable Center of Mass Control for Omni-Directional Cart with Power-Assist Function Oral
49 Learning Heuristics for Efficient Environment Exploration Using Graph Neural Networks Oral
50 UAV Tracking with Solid-State Lidars: Dynamic Multi-Frequency Scan Integration Oral
51 A High-Order Tracking Differentiator for Improved Filtering and Derivative Estimation Oral
55 BLOCSIE - Benchmark for LOCalization in a Simulated Industrial Environment Oral
56 Online Stochastic Model Identification for Safe and Accurate Two-Wheeled Robot Control Oral
57 Online Multi-Phase Trajectory Generation for Compliant Landing Control of Quadruped Robots Oral
60 Distributed Planning for Rigid Robot Formations Using Consensus on the Transformation of a Base Configuration Oral
62 Towards Automatic Extraction of Product and Process Data for Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly Poster
63 Revisiting multi-GNSS Navigation for UAVs - An Equivariant Filtering Approach Oral
66 Design and Simulation of a Patient-Specific Ankle Orthosis for Drop-Foot Assistance Oral
67 Dominating Set Database Selection for Visual Place Recognition Oral
68 On the Influence of Time-Correlation in Initial Training Data for Model-Based Policy Search Poster
69 Redundant and Loosely Coupled LiDAR-Wi-Fi Integration for Robust Global Localization in Autonomous Mobile Robotics Oral
72 SEM-GAT: Explainable Semantic Pose Estimation Using Learned Graph Attention Poster
74 Semantic Interpretation and Validation of Graph Attention-Based Explanations for GNN Pose Estimation Models Poster
75 BEV-MoSeg: Segmenting Moving Objects in Bird’s Eye View Poster
78 Autonomous Learning of Task Sequences in Robotic Scenarios with Non-Stationary Interdependencies Oral
79 Modeling and Analysis of pHRI with Differential Game Theory Oral
80 Non-Singular Terminal Sliding Mode Controller in Cartesian Space: Application to an Upper Limb Exoskeleton Oral
82 Advance Simulation Method for Wheel-Terrain Interactions of Space Rovers: A Case Study on the UAE Rashid Poster
85 A Deep Reinforcement Learning Decision-Making Approach for Adaptive Cruise Control in Autonomous Vehicles Oral
86 Conflict-Based Task and Motion Planning for Multi-Robot, Multi-Goal Problems Oral
89 Path Planning for Autonomous Inland Vessels in Complex Harbor Environments Poster
90 ADOD: Adaptive Domain-Aware Object Detection with Residual Attention for Underwater Environments Oral
92 Interaction Force Constraints for Position-Controlled Manipulator Using Linear MPC Oral
93 Should I Lead?” Feasibility Study of User Perception on Following-Robot for Gait Assessment Oral
94 Design and Simulation of a Four-Wheeled Rover for Enhanced Lateral Stability Oral
96 Design and Experimental Verification of a Jumping Legged Robot for Martian Lava Tube Exploration Oral
97 Biomimetic Real-Time Multimodal Tactile Perception and Haptics for Telepresence Humanoids Oral
98 Real-Time Joint Trajectory Optimization and Predictive Safety Filtering for Telepresence Avatar Robotics Poster
99 Evaluating Visual-Selective Visual-Inertial Odometry: An End-to-End Multi-Modal Pose Estimation Framework for Underwater Environments. Poster
101 Real-time identification of plant diseases using aerial robots and deep learning techniques Oral
102 Development of a Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG) Algorithm for Suturing Task Automation Oral
103 Analysis of Panda's Elbow Motion in Null Space and a Combined Analytical-Numerical IK with Intuitive Redundancy Resolution Oral
104 Tethered Multi-Robot System for Improved Path Planning and Exploration Oral
105 Modelling and Sliding Mode Control of a Stereo Vision Augmented 6 DoF Quadrotor System Oral
106 Safe Force Control of Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Manipulator Poster
107 Filasofia: A Framework for Streamlined Development of Real-Time Surgical Simulations Oral
108 A Comparative Study for Control of Semi-Automatic Robotic-Assisted Ultrasound System in Spine Surgery Oral
110 MarineX : Design and Implementation of Unmanned Surface Vessel for Vision Guided Navigation Poster
111 An Operational 5G Edge Cloud-Controlled Robotic Cell Environment Based on MQTT and OPC UA Oral
113 Semantic Monocular Surgical SLAM: Intra-Operative 3D Reconstruction and Pre-Operative Registration in Dynamic Environments Oral
114 Visual Tracking Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Method for Autonomous Wind Turbine Inspection Oral
115 Early and Accurate Detection of Tomato Leaf Diseases Using TomFormer Poster
116 End-Effector Pose Estimation and Control for 3D Printing with Articulated Excavators Oral
117 Collision-Free Path Generation for Teleoperation of Unmanned Vehicles Oral
118 On Learning of Inverse Kinematics for Highly Redundant Robots with Neural Networks Poster
119 PolyMerge: A Novel Technique Aimed at Dynamic HD Map Updates Leveraging Polylines Oral
120 TeslaCharge: Smart Robotic Charger Driven by Impedance Control and Human Haptics Patterns Poster
122 A Sine Wave-Shaped Spring to Enhance the Compactness of Series Elastic Actuators Poster
123 Visual-Based Localization for Autonomous Vehicles in Simulated Environments Poster
124 Modeling, Optimization, and Musculoskeletal Simulation of Elbow-Wrist Exosuit Oral
125 A Comparative Analysis of Visual and Point Cloud-Based Place Recognition Methods in Indoor Environment Oral
128 Evaluating Efficacy of Continuous Assistance Control During Orientation Tasks with an Active Wrist Exoskeleton Poster
129 Decentralized Fusion-Based Ego Velocity Estimation Using Multiple FMCW Radars Poster
132 Robust Multimodal and Multi-Object Tracking for Autonomous Driving Applications Oral
137 Improved Exploration for Safety-Embedded Differential Dynamic Programming Using Tolerant Barrier States Oral
139 Anomaly Detection in LiDAR Data Using Virtual and Real Observations Oral
140 Fast and Accurate Simulation of Mecanum Wheels with Passive Rollers Emulated by Fixed Joints and Anisotropic Friction Oral
142 Analyzing Aerial 3D Maps to Guide a Ground Vehicle to Complement the Regions Not Visible from Above Oral
143 Multi-Target Tracker for Low Light Vision Poster
144 Transformer-Based Multi-Modal Probabilistic Pedestrian Prediction for Risk-Aware Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Oral


Paper ID Title Type
155 URDF Viz - An Interactive URDF Visualization Tool  Poster
156 AR-MR based HRI system for Robot Teleoperation  Poster
157 Neuromorphic Vision-based Motion Segmentation with Graph Transformer Neural Network  Poster
158 Autonomous Inspection of Aircraft Safety Logos using Drone Imagery  Poster
159 Advancements in UAV Tracking with 3D LiDARs: Analysis and Performance EvaluaAon  Poster
160 Nature-Inspired Multimodal Quadruped Robot Locomotion  Poster
161 Modeling Geometrically Exact Cosserat Rod with Cross-sectional Deformation by Strain Parameterization Poster
162 Comparative Analysis of State-of-The Art Multi-Object Trackers for Tracking of Underwater Swarms using Edge Device Poster
163 Neuromorphic Fish Species Classification: Bridging Biological and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Marine Conservation Poster
164 Efficient Hybrid Neuromorphic-Bayesian Model for Olfaction Sensing in Autonomous Robotics Poster